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01 What is ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab?

The ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is an innovation lab located in Prague, Czech Republic, which focuses on the next stage mobility, connectivity and digitalization.

02 What is the vision ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is working towards?

ŠKODA strives to be the Simply Clever company providing the best mobility solutions. We aim to bring digital, connected, safer, greener and smarter cars, mobility products and services to everyone. Our vision is to find new solutions for global mobility, we want to develop and test innovative ideas, no matter from which country they come to us.

03 What kind of innovative cooperation and partners is ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab looking for?

We are looking for technology oriented projects with obsession for innovations and creativity, and with vision of mobility revolution. We are open for anyone who aims to innovate and radically improve the mobility and related areas.

04 What are the selection criteria?

We assess projects based on their idea, team, development stage, business model etc. We also evaluate how well the service or product is aligned with our vision.

05 Does the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab accept early-stage projects?

As we look for innovative projects in all different development stages and sizes, we would recommend to have at least some proof of product-market fit.

06 I think my project would thrive at ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, how can I join the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab?

It is very simple: provide us with the overview of your project. We will review submitted information and will get back to you soon if we see good potential in our mutual cooperation.

07 What does the selection process look like at the beginning?

At the beginning you will provide us, via online form, with some basic information about your project: who you are, what your product or service is/are, what market and industry you are in. We will review information provided and get back to you if we would like to invite you into next steps of the selection process.

08 How detailed should I be in the online form?

Answer all the questions exactly and with the details that will allow us to understand your project and your innovative solution.

09 Do I need to send you a business plan?

No, please just provide us with necessary information via the online form. A business plan will be needed in later stage when we meet to discuss our potential cooperation.

10 What if I have already participated in an accelerator program?

You are still eligible to apply for cooperation with the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab.

11 Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you can. However, make sure that one submission contains only one proposal.

12 Is there any deadline for submitting application?

No, we accept applications throughout the whole year in an ongoing basis. However, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible as our capacity is limited and we want to focus on the best solutions on the first-come, first-serve basis.

13 What do you offer to projects? Why should I apply?

We offer you to help us to change the world of automotive, to develop new mobility solutions, and to bring the best in class customer oriented solutions! All you need to successfully develop your business.

14 Where is the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab located?

The ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is located in Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe where the cutting-edge technologies are being developed.

15 How much funding do I receive if selected into the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab?

We are not planning just to fund your project. We will evaluate your innovative idea and if your project has a potential to be integrated within our New Mobility World, we will jointly develop your project with you - with all resources that might be needed. We want to invest in innovative mobility solutions that will change the automotive world. We are not interested in funding only, we are not a VC fund.

16 Who are the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab team members I might be working with?

Please check the TEAM section for more details about who we are. We are senior business professionals, each with experience both from startup and corporate business worlds. We are passionate about innovations, with our hands-on approach and readiness to identify potential in new projects, test it and then implement or fail - all to be delivered fast.

17 The company I work for is looking for innovation opportunities and we think the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab might be the great partner to work with, how do we get started?

It is also very simple: please check our form to submit new projects - describe in detail what kind of innovative solution you want to share with us, we will get back to you.

Do you have any other questions? Let us know!