Citymove 2.0 uses AI to tailor offers to customers and bring new benefits
Citymove 2.0 uses AI to tailor offers to customers and bring new benefits
In collaboration with Israeli high-tech startup Anagog, we are bringing a new feature to our Citymove app. The new AI-based feature can alert you to paid parking, ticket purchases or a possible discount at the establishment you're currently standing at, thanks to smart notifications.


Lack of parking spaces is as much an annoyance as an inevitable part of everyday life for motorists in big cities. Since August 2019, the Citymove app, developed by ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, has been helping users decide whether or not to take their car. A wide range of mobility options - buses, trams, metro, bike sharing, taxis and ride-hailing - can be selected, booked and paid for via the app. 


What's new is that the Citymove app now uses artificial intelligence to deliver offers to customers' smartphones via push notifications. This brings you additional benefits as offers are tailored to your location, chosen means of transport and your habits. These can include offers for drinks, snacks or services in the area, discounts on fuel or car washes and much more. For example, if you park in a paid zone, Citymove will recognise this and give you the option to pay the parking fee immediately via the app and extend your parking time later if needed.
The technology, developed by Israeli company Anagog, analyses the output from smartphone sensors and uses it to create mobility patterns. ŠKODA AUTO acquired a minority stake in Anagog in July 2018. The startup was founded in 2010 and specialises in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. The app does not collect data - the necessary information about the user's location and activity is not sent anywhere and remains on the mobile phone, so the solution is fully GDPR-compliant.
You can download the Citymove app at  App Store and Google Play
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