Carsharing HoppyGo grew by 81 per cent in 2020
Carsharing HoppyGo grew by 81 per cent in 2020
The peer-to-peer car-sharing service HoppyGo, developed and run by ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab in Prague, continued to be a success last year. In 2020, the platform for renting and lending privately owned vehicles recorded numerous new users and saw a corresponding increase in the number of journeys made and the pool of cars available. A recent survey shows that, alongside HoppyGo’s high level of flexibility, users particularly appreciate the convenience and fair prices. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has been offering the service in the Czech Republic since 2018.

HoppyGo is based on a simple principle: the platform introduces car owners who wish to rent out their vehicle privately to interested parties. All the car owner has to do is register their name and vehicle and verify the data. Bookings are made using the relevant smartphone app or a web browser. In addition to various ŠKODA models, the pool of vehicles also includes cars from other brands. The mobility service was especially popular with the HoppyGo community last year as it provided a safe alternative during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The registered vehicles are regularly disinfected without the owners having to pay extra, and the transaction is contactless.


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Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer at ŠKODA AUTO, said: “We are delighted to report that our HoppyGo service has continued to see sustained growth over the past year. This confirms that we’re on the right track with our chosen mobility solutions.”

Jarmila Plachá, Head of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, explained: “With HoppyGo, we are providing a platform which allows car owners to earn a little money by renting out their cars privately. When doing so, they benefit from the security and simplicity of the service. In addition to the wide range of vehicles available, HoppyGo users particularly appreciate the high degree of flexibility and fair and transparent costs. What unites all members of the community is their desire to reduce the environmental impact by sharing cars. HoppyGo’s success highlights the huge growth potential of P2P carsharing and its importance as a key mobility trend.”

Compared to 2019, the number of users grew by 52 per cent to now over 100,000, while the number of rental days increased by as much as 81 per cent to over 38,000 in total. The rental period saw an increase too from 3.6 to 4.2 days. The pool now includes approximately 2,300 cars that are immediately available. Last year alone, the number of registered vehicles increased by a third and the fleet continues to grow. In addition to passenger cars, minivans and motorhomes were also in demand last year, and the ŠKODA FABIA and OCTAVIA models were among the most frequently rented cars. The portal recorded both the most rentals and the greatest number of newly registered vehicles in August.


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During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, HoppyGo opened its platform to the #SKODAAUTOhelps initiative. As part of this effort, registered private providers, along with ŠKODA AUTO, made available more than 200 cars free of charge to aid organisations, municipalities and volunteers – an offer that was taken up by a total of 89 organisations and towns throughout the Czech Republic.

HoppyGo is available in 240 cities and towns across 70 of the country’s 76 districts. HoppyGo is also integrated into the multimodal app Citymove where users can view all available cars. For more information, visit the website HoppyGo.com or download the app for iOS or Android.