Citymove introduces one-click parking payments
Citymove introduces one-click parking payments
Users of the Citymove app will now have the option to pay for on-street parking in just a few clicks. Thanks to the close cooperation with MPLA, the company behind the parking payment system, Citymove comes with full integration of the solution as a first and only mobile app on the market.


Citymove, the multimodal transportation app for Prague, comes with news that will please Prague’s drivers. The provider of Prague’s parking zones payment system - MPLA - launches its virtual MPLA card for consumer users as well. You can get the kart for free also through Citymove app. After the card is created, you can pair it with Citymove app and start using the parking feature. 

After parking in a zone, just open the app, click on parking and select the zone where you have just parked. Then confirm your number plates and choose the period of your stay. Then click the “Pay” button and you’re finished. The app can hold an unlimited number of your registration plates, so parking payments will be this easy even when you use several different cars. 

Five minutes before your parking period runs out, you’ll get a notification and the option to prolong your stay. This is another way how the Citymove app helps with smart urban mobility. Download the new version of the app from citymove.app  and try it out yourself.