E-MONA now charges shared CAR4WAY EVs
E-MONA now charges shared CAR4WAY EVs
Electric mobility is becoming one of the key trends in the future of transport. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and Pražská energetika a.s. are working closely on the development of the E-MONA mobile charger project. E-MONA will now charge all electric cars of Prague’s carsharing company CAR4WAY ensuring all cars will be ready with a usable range.

There are over 50 electric vehicles in CAR4WAY’s fleet and the number will keep growing as customers really like them. The E-MONA mobile charging station has undergone extensive testing to discover it’s range and usability in the city. It has also been ensured that it can charge almost all types of electric vehicles in various weather and traffic conditions.


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“The pilot stage of the project will continue in the following months as it is planned to be tested in other cities as well. We plan to expand the whole ecosystem of services related to the project. Based on the results of testing we will keep improving E-MONA to make sure it will help not only carsharing companies, but also to managers of electric fleets and to consumer market,” explains Jarmila Plachá, the Head of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab.

E-MONA is being charged from renewable sources such as solar or water power plants, as it uses the PREekoproud - a product of Pražská energetika a.s.

The technical facts:

  • First generation of E-MONA weighs in excess of 150 kg and its capacity is 16,8 kWh
  • It includes 12 battery packs GreenPack, each with 1,4 kWh capacity. They can be individually quickly swapped for charged ones so E-MONA can almost immediately continue its operation.
  • The average speed of the courier with E-MONA was 12 km/h during the testing phase
  • It can reach any electric vehicle in the extended city centre within 30 minutes
  • During the testing phases E-MONA has provided on average 70 kms of range with each charge