The new ŠKODA SCALA strengthens Uniqway's fleet
The new ŠKODA SCALA strengthens Uniqway's fleet
ŠKODA AUTO and ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab have dedicated their support of innovated projects and investments into the development of talents within the field of new technologies. One of them being Uniqway - the first Czech carsharing service created specifically for the needs of students and educators of Czech universities.
ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has been partnering with the Uniqway project from the very beginning. Primarily in the form of educating and mentoring students who are taking part in the evolution and operation of the service. ŠKODA AUTO then provided a fleet of 15 ŠKODA FABIA STYLE vehicles. Then, on May 1st, the fleet was enriched by the addition of the brand new ŠKODA SCALA. Users of the Uniqway service were able to try the newest ŠKODA model before it made its way to the distribution network.
Skoda Scala Uniqway (1)
The ŠKODA SCALA model was not selected by Uniqway by accident. Thanks to its spacious interior and attractive technological equipment, it is the ideal vehicle for young and active users. The students undoubtedly appreciate the top-class connectivity which includes a built-in SIM card or a mobile phone connection using the SmartLink+ system. 
The large storage space will surely come in handy for the students during their trips, during moving or working on school or other projects. The first experiences from the application's users definitely confirm this.
Skoda Scala Uniqway (3)
“It was an honour to be one of the first people who got to try this model in its regular operation. The car is enjoyable, even while driving on the infamously uneven surface of the D1 highway, the drive was very comfortable. The ŠKODA SCALA is equipped with many systems that ensure the highest standard of comfort during long road trips, such as the adaptive cruise control or the lane assist system,” says student Marek Löfler as he describes his experience.
User of the application, Vojta Vilímec adds: On the new vehicle, the ŠKODA SCALA, I liked the sunroof, the on-board system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the electronic trunk release and of course the many assistants, including the automatic parking, among others. It is awesome that Uniqway has a car like this in their fleet.”