SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0: Ridesharing service MOIA
SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0: Ridesharing service MOIA
In this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 we visit Hamburg. This city with the population of almost 2 millions people is facing exactly the same problem as most of the big cities. Lots of cars, not enough space for parking and of course emissions. Volskwagen offers its own solution - ridesharing service called MOIA.

You can see these golden painted electric minibuses pretty much everywhere on the streets of Hamburg. What you don't see is the clever algorithm behind the app which calculates the optimal route for you going for example to work and anybody else who might share the same direction you are headed. With only six seats in a spacious car you have much more comfort than in a public transport yet it is a bit cheaper and much more sustainable than taking a taxi or your own car. MOIA s vision is quite ambitious - to take one million cars off the road. In MOIA headquarters in the center of Hamburg we met with Sascha Meyer, Chief Product officer of the company.

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