ŠKODA AFRIQ: Student concept car is set for the rally track
ŠKODA AFRIQ: Student concept car is set for the rally track
It is already the eighth ŠKODA Student Concept Car. And why the African theme? In addition to the reference to the famous Dakar Rally, the students wanted to highlight ŠKODA’s responsibility for all Volkswagen Group’s activities in North Africa.

It took four months to build the car, with the students spending about two thousand hours on the project. One of the reasons for the heavy workload was the extensive modifications to the bodywork of the basic ŠKODA KAMIQ: the students welded the urban SUV’s rear doors into the body, and the mudguards, wheel arches and bumpers of the now two-door AFRIQ were significantly enlarged. Adding the all-wheel drive system from the ŠKODA OCTAVIA 4×4 also took up a lot of time.

For the first time, an innovative device for extracking drinking water from the surrounding air can be found in a ŠKODA. The device, made by the Israeli company Watergen, draws in air from the atmosphere and filters out dust and impurities. This purified air then goes through the GENius heat exchange and cooling process, where it condenses into water. In the third step, the recovered water passes through a cascade filter that purifies it again and mineralises it. In this process, UV light destroys microorganisms and breaks down harmful chemicals. The treated water is stored in a tank at 5 °C and is further exposed to UV light to destroy viruses and bacteria. The driver and co-driver in the AFRIQ thus have access to cooled and filtered drinking water at all times, regardless of the environment the car is being driven in.

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