#SKODAAUTOhelps. How we help those in need
#SKODAAUTOhelps. How we help those in need
At ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, we create solutions for the mobility of the future. We operate a range of mobility services, and now, during a time of emergency measures due to a new coronavirus disease, we have decided to offer these services to help where they are most needed now. It is necessary to ensure the necessary supply of food and medicines, especially for those who are most vulnerable - the elderly and sick people.

We work with volunteer organizations, distribution services and local governments. We have involved cars from the ŠKODA AUTO fleet, HoppyGo and Uniqway carsharing vehicles and we have provided them to organizations that help deliver food, medicines and other supplies. Our shared BeRider electric scooters help with deliveries to volunteers involved via the DoDo service. Altogether, we have 150 scooters and over 100 cars, and we are still adding more. We are doing well thanks to the support of volunteers and ŠKODA AUTO dealerships - they did not hesitate to offer their own cars for this event through the HoppyGo platform.


This service to help those at risk could not have been created without the commitment of our team, the HoppyGo team, ŠKODA AUTO colleagues and partner companies. Below is selection of activities that we have jointly launched over a short period of time: 

  1. We proved that HoppyGo can serve as a platform for exchanging cars between the car owners and those who need them, whether for commercial, non-profit or volunteer purposes. Thanks to the HoppyGo platform, we were able to hand over all of the cars to non-profit organizations and volunteers in just a few days
  2. We created a cleaning station equipped with five ozone generators, where we disinfect and clean all of the cars which we then donate to charitable organizations.
  3. We have also offered the services of this cleaning station to other mobility services, such as the Liftago taxi service.
  4. We have acquired volunteers who have offered their cars to cities and non-profit organizations. Other volunteers are helping us clean our cars at the cleaning station. Thank you! 
  5. We informed passengers in Prague public transport about changes in timetables and current rules for using means of transport through notifications in the Citymove application.
  6. We offer BeRider electric shared scooters to all doctors and healthcare professionals free of charge, and we have put protective balaclavas in all BeRider scooters.

More activities will follow - if you want to know more, check out the following hashtag on social networks: #SKODAAUTOhelps, and our website: www.skodaautopomaha.cz.
If you are interested in offering your car or your services as a volunteer, contact us - we will be very grateful. Together we can do it!