What is Mobility-as-a-Service
What is Mobility-as-a-Service
Mobility-as-a-Service is rapidly changing the way people move through urban cities around the world. From car-sharing and ride-hailing to bike-sharing and pop-up bus services, on-demand MaaS services have been flooding the marketspace for the last several years, giving consumers a variety of choices when it comes to mobility.

ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has been steadily rolling out a cache of MaaS projects in recent months; our engineers working hard to stay on top of this innovative trend as well as users’ evolving needs.   

Some analysts are estimating that by 2023, more than 2.3 billion car rides will be replaced by MaaS services. A point bolstered by the fact that an increasing number of people are choosing to forego purchasing their own cars or bikes in favour of a concept that seamlessly integrates private and public transportation options, allowing users to easily reserve and pay for their ride through their mobile devices. 




MaaS was initially introduced in Helsinki in 2014 by a Finnish student Sonja Heikkiläbut, who is now - we’re proud to say - part of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab team. Since then MaaS has gone global. It is now a vision for future mobility where we are able to use multiple travel modes seamlessly through one point of contact. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is working towards this vision by launching mobility services such as BeRider, a zero-emission scooter-sharing service that makes getting around the city easier and faster. The project joins our growing mobility portfolio, which also includes two car-sharing services — Uniqway and HoppyGo

ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is also moving towards the vision of MaaS with the Citymove app, which calculates the best route for travelling around a city and compares suitable modes of transport. For its launch in Prague, it is consolidating mobility services offered by the city’s transport authority as well as bike-sharing, scooter-sharing and ride-hailing. All of the services can be booked directly through the app which additionally features parking payments, tickets for public transport and other features, removing the need for many multiple apps in your phone.