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Currently we have over 40 new digital projects in different stages of development in our portfolio from a range of areas and industries. You can find few examples of projects bellow.


It is business model based on renting, exchange or sharing of assets directly among people. Other popular form of sharing is, for example, real estate renting when you don’t need it. Similarly, this can be also applied on car which HoppyGo platform focuses on.

Our mission:

  • Offer a way how to use cars more effectively
  • Make mobility as a service
  • Develop new mobility solutions for our customers
  • Encourage those who want to be mobile and do not want to own a car


Mobility at a push of a button

CareDriver actively helps you connect with the help that fits you. Vetted profesionals suitable for a variety of opportunities are available when your loved ones need to be taken care of, to save you time and balance your work/family load. Today available in Munich and Wolfsburg Germany, soon in other major cities.

What our customers say about it?

“The driver is very professional, I always get a message when he picks my daughter up and after she arrives at the Taekwondo training. I can really trust CareDriver – they do a really good job!”

Monica, Mutter von Lisa (8)

How it Works?


Author: ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab

Year: 2017

Goal: Mobility with care for vulnerables at a push of a button.


Project development would not have been possible without the cooperation with universities. Student teams from three Czech universities (CVUT, CZU, VSE) supervised by their teachers developed the project concept, platform and will operate the service. Project motto is “By students for students” – service is developed and operated by it’s own users.

Uniqway will involve the user community not only in the service operation but also in the development of new functions and improvements. Engagement in the service will also provide students with the exceptional opportunity to gain experience in commercial service operation.

ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab as the innovation laboratory is providing the support and helping students with the project development and startup.

Project is in development, expected service start is in Q1 2018. For more information about the project and start date visit uniqway.cz or service facebook profile fb.me/uniqway.


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