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Chakratec: Electricity stored in flywheels
Although the number of fast-charging stations for electric cars is growing, there still aren’t enough. The electricity grid plays a major role in this. Imagine you could charge a car in just a few minutes even in remote areas with poor infrastructure. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab offers a way to make this a reality.
ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab India joins forces with Lumos Labs
ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab India, a division of ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Pvt partners with Lumos Labs, an innovation management company to announce the launch of the Microsoft Century Program, an enterprise block-chain start-up Program to evangelize, curate and unearth 100 best enterprise-ready block-chain solutions for industry-specific use cases. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab India has partnered as the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the Discrete Manufacturing track of the Microsoft Century Program. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab India aims to use its development expertise and knowledge in digitization to identify the problem statements for the start-ups to work on innovative block-chain based solutions.
Sound Analyser 3
Sound Analyser: AI app for easier car diagnostics
ŠKODA AUTO Digilab is trialing a new smartphone app: “Sound Analyser”. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help ŠKODA AUTO After Sales department quickly and accurately identify the need for any servicing. The program records noises made by the respective vehicle whilst it is running and compares them with stored sound patterns. In the event of any discrepancies, the app uses an algorithm to determine what they are and how they can be resolved. In this way, “Sound Analyser” helps to make vehicle maintenance more efficient, reduce the time a car spends at the garage and achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction.
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